My daily practice routine on Gypsy Jazz Guitar

28b - pomodoro_image

We are celebrating 1 year of weekly research articles about "Maximizing Performance"! Thank you all for your support, friendship and love. Glad to be a helpful hand in your way to Mastery :)

Here’s my personal daily practice routine on Gypsy Jazz Guitar. Hope it will inspire you:

I – After waking up:

  1. 1st Pomodoro = La Pompe (or Gypsy Bossa or Rumba Feel)
  2. 2nd Pomodoro = Django’s Solos (or New Tunes)
  • All Of Me (184bpm)
  • Django’s Tiger (221bpm)
  • Montagne St. Genevieve (178bpm)
  • Dark Eyes (240bpm)
  • Minor Swing (197bpm)
  • Nuages (115bpm)
  • Undecided (234bpm)
  • Claire De Lune (120bpm)

II – Before Lunch:

  1. 3rd Pomodoro = Transcribing and playing licks
  • Bireli Lagrene
  • Stochelo Rosenberg
  • Robin Nolan
  • Andreas Oberg
  • Adrien Moignard
  • Gonzalo Bergara
  1. 4th Pomodoro = Melodic Interpretation (articulation, dynamics, phrasing)

III – After Lunch:

  1. 5th Pomodoro = Soloing Concepts
  2. 6th Pomodoro = Harmonic possibilities

IV – In the Afternoon:

  1. 7th Pomodoro = Composing and Arranging
  2. 8th Pomodoro = Free improvisation over tunes

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