Top Performers Strategies: 4 – Mental resilience And How To Never Give Up

31 - Mental Resilience

Though learning and applying the best practice regimes there will never going to be a guaranteed 100% bulletproof certainty that it will result in achieving our highest goals.

Olympic champions are a good example of it. To qualify for the competition they have to outstand a vast number of opponents. Once they get to the Olympics their game has to step up even further. These superhuman competitors are astonishingly great at what they do… but when all is said and done that don’t mean much without a gold medal around their neck.

It makes me wonder… There’s so much unrecognized talent in the world. Even worse, there’s so much unrecognized talent degenerating into disappointment and frustration.

Sometimes is hard not to give up. Doubt can settle whether results come or not. Questioning the validity, legitimacy or usefulness of a practice regime, method or option may haunt us for short or long periods of time.

“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”

Charles Bukowski

This is where mental resilience comes to play (or not). This is where you go home or keep moving forward.

The winners mind is all about perception. The way winners interpret and interact with inner and outer circumstances are the difference maker. Every challenge, difficulty or disadvantage is taken as an opportunity to grow. For winners there are no unfortunate events. Winners build castles out of every stone life throws at them.

Thoughts are closely guarded. The inner dialogue is victorious and uplifting. Can you imagine Muhammad Ali with a loser mentality, a victim’s speech or a concerned look on his face? Of course not! You have to (re)learn how to speak to yourself, not letting get caught in unhelpful dialogues with yourself.

A positive posture favours emotional stability, optimism and personal or professional growth. Always look for the best possibility, solution or outcome. Start seeing the world through this new mantra: YES I CAN!

Motivation moves mountains. A winner actively chose to engage with challenging situations. Self-improvement is not forced but valued and adversity is an essential element to forge a diamond.

Confidence and self-belief is the result of visualization, preparation and past experience; it is knowing that the result is an inevitability and nothing is going to stand in your way.

Inner focus obviates outer noise, distractions, competition or other misleading events. It also empowers you with the ability to disengage from your practice and performance process in periods of rest. After you go out of the gym your mind stops thinking about lifting weights, right? Can you imagine how stressful it would be if you continuously kept thinking (along the day or week) about lifting more and more weights? As you put down the weights after leaving the gym so you should put down your instrument AND thoughts about your practice sessions and performances.

All of the above describe the winners’ character. But there’s one more essential feature to mental resilience: Social Support. The feeling of dependability from family and friends is vital on a champion’s mentality. Building strong relations with coaches, teachers, colleagues or co-workers provide stability and a sense of direction. Non-judgemental guidance and incentive can be comforting, reassuring, and motivating.

We all need love in our lives and sure it’s great to feel the warmth of a crowd, the closeness of fans and the recognition of our peers, critics and public in general. So surround yourself with uplifting people and environment. Your emotional stability is way to precious for you to waste it carelessly.

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