The Practice Process

00 - Practice

1 – Listen to a song you like a few times.

2 – Start playing it.

3 – Focus on the score.

4 – Play and Sing the 1st phrase.

5 – Star over from the beginning.

6 – Add the next note and/or phrase.

7 – Replay it in your mind.

8 – Start again.

9 – At each try, add spirit, rhythm and swing.

10 – Work on your phrases.

11 – Identify and fix errors.

12 – Fit small parts into the whole.

13 – Embrace a highly targeted error focused process.

14 – Making progress is a case of small failures.

15 – Break the move to its component parts.

16 – All of a sudden, the pieces snap into place.

17 – Operate at the edge of your ability.

18 – Screwing up makes you better.

19 – The mistakes will make you smarter.

20 – The learning process of “Deep Practice” has to expose you to an experience that makes you slow down, make errors and correct them.

21 – Obstacles are desirable in the long haul of your learning process.

22 – Study less and Practice more. Thinking about the sunset doesn’t allow you to actually SEE the sunset.

23 – The memory is not a tape recorder; it’s a living structure.

24 – The more we generate impulses, encountering and overcoming difficulties, the more scaffolding we build, and so, the faster we learn.

25 – Use time more efficiently: Small efforts produce big lasting results.

26 – Capture failure and turn it into skill.

27 – The trick is to choose goals beyond your present abilities.

28 – Stop thinking, start practicing.

29 – Keep practicing.

30 – Rest, focus and start the process again.

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